Future Flavours of Sound

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The Future Favours of Sound Festival is an online event taking place for the very first time on July 18th 2021 from 4pm till 6pm, right on this website you’ve landed on! 

Born from the minds of four Edinburgh University MSc Sound Design students, the Festival will be a celebration of the rich and wide ranging sound design and music projects coming from the master programme’s cohort. 

The festival is inspired by music festivals such as Glastonbury, it features 4 concurrent live streams hosted on Twitch and embedded on this website. Each stream is tied to a specific sound theme: linear audio, music, game audio, and audio programming. 

Students taking part in the event will be showcasing 3 to 5 minutes of projects they have been developing to an audience of audio geeks, music lovers and curious internet passersby.  For each stream, there will be two industry professionals from the field of sound design for film and games, audio programming, and of music and performance, which will be providing feedback and thoughts to the students’ projects. The participants and industry professionals taking part will be located across the globe, making this a truly multicultural experience. 

As an audience member you’ll be able to switch between different streams at your will, just like stage hopping at a music festival, except you sadly won’t have to surf a crowd or break into a parkour run to get to a stage to listen to the last song of your favourite act. Convenient right?


Onnalee Blank
Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer of Game of Thrones, Moonlight and Birds of Prey fame.

Khyam Allami
Multi-instrumentalist and music pioneer, known for his work in bringing Arabic music to a wider (Western) audience through the use of self-developed novel music software.

Kirsty Gilmore
Sound Designer, voice director, casting director and award-winning producer and the owner of Sounds Wilde. Selected as a BAFTA Games Crew member for 2020 and 2021, alongside being a BAFTA Games juror.

Anne-Sophie Mongeau
Sound Designer on the award winning game Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018) and, recently, It Takes Two (2021).

Hanna Kubiak
Sound Designer at CD Projekt Red, who has worked first hand on the incredible sonic realms of the games Witcher 3 (2015) and Cyberpunk 2077 (2020).

Edwin Tomboza
Audio Programmer and Developer at the world renowned audio plugin and software company Native Instruments. 

Dr. Christopher Letcher
who is a composer and songwriter renowned for his score on Beyond the River (2017) and Sink (2016), and his contributions to Routledge’s Companion to Screen Music and Sound.

Dr. Owen Green
Composer and performer, specialised in computer based electronic music performance and currently working on groundbreaking music research project (FluCoMA), making advanced DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms available to computer based composers.


Barry O’Connell

Francesco Cimino

Martina Maclachlan

Thomas Cross