Audio Programming 2022

New and exciting software development that coaxes code into creativity.


  • Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie – Originally from Utica, NY, Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie is a Brooklyn based composer. He is pursuing a PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center, where his research focuses on the music of Pierre Schaeffer. He teaches Music Technology at Hunter College and Brooklyn College, and recently joined the faculty at The Walden Schools Creative Musicians Retreat. He created & hosts Algorithmic Sound, a series of free virtual masterclasses featuring composers and artists that engage with creative coding.
  • Yann Seznec – an artist whose work focuses on sound, music, and playful physical interaction. He moved to Stockholm in 2021 to start a PhD in sonic interaction design at KTH. He did his masters in sound design in 2007 at the University of Edinburgh and lived for many years in Scotland, running an indie games studio and working on sound art projects. He was game designer in residence for two years at MICA in Baltimore before moving to Stockholm.


  • Siqiuchi Chen
  • Yulin Gong
  • Andrew Ramsey
  • Jack Ridley

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